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Egle Vasi

Let me start by saying that I do not like talking about myself at the third person but SEO rankings at stake, my aim is to get onto the first page and to own my brand name: Benoit Mercier. Also, the articles that I will publish are based on my point of view/experience and they are in no way shape or form linked to the businesses I have worked or work for. I will not censor constructive criticisms, especially as I appreciate that my political or professional views will be different than the few readers I will get, but I will not tolerate foul language.

Benoit Mercier is Customer Director at Weird Fish, a UK retailer. Benoit Mercier is considered a leading expert in building multichannel and digital strategies and successful operations. Benoit Mercier is leading the customer, marketing and multichannel operations (P&L), which includes customer modelling, customer and trade planning, budgeting, financial modelling, digital planning, delivery proposition, management of technical partners.

Benoit Mercier holds an Executive MBA from Judge Business School, Cambridge University, an MSc Marketing from Huddersfield University and write Academic papers mostly on eCommerce and digital transformation.

Benoit Mercier is a results driven international multichannel and digital expert, with over 10 years’ of multi-channel experience across both FTSE 100 and medium size businesses with strong ecommerce and digital aspirations. Benoit Mercier has got expertise in customer profiling and segmentstikn, retail digitalisation, ecommerce growth- start up and replatforming. Benoit Mercier has worked within retail, home shopping and sports industries.

Benoit Mercier‘s ambition is to one day run a medium corporation and/or his own business.

As his father, Benoit Mercier is an entrepreneur at heart and he has launched his own online retail business in France, Sport4U that he ran for 3 years as a hobby.

Benoit Mercier on rare occasions is a keynote speaker on global ecommerce events and his consulting clients have ranged from medium size businesses to Global Fortune 500 companies. He is a member of several professional associations, Asociacion Espanola de la Economia Digital, European Internet Professionals.

A native of Britanny (not France!), Benoit has lived in the UK for over 20 years. He has a lovely Colombian wife, hence his keen interest in South America and a young son and daughter. Benoit Mercier also loves football and triathlon.

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